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Technical Info


InSpire® Solar Air Heating System is not just a wall panel, this is a solar collector and fresh air heating system. The InSpire wall solar air heating system is used to pre-heat outside air before it enters the building to provide fresh-air changes and natural humidification, as well as opportunities to reduce energy consumption. The panel is mounted at a specified distance of several inches from the outer wall of the building. InSpire features proprietary engineered perforations which allow outside air to be transpired (drawn through the panel) into the wall cavity via ventilation fans. InSpire panels are coated with a fluoropolymer (70% PVDF) coating system in colors which allow absorption of the sun’s energy to pre-heat surface and cavity air. The solar generated heat transpires into the wall cavity and is drawn into the building’s interior through conventional ductwork.

Traditional InSpire ® utilizes ATAS International’s Belvedere PenumWall profile. For architectural features, InSpire can be implemented using a number of ATAS International metal wall panels to accommodate your design goals.

We are now offering InSpire HP in a new finish, Select Blue. What is a selective surface? It’s an optical coating applied to the surface of an element of a solar energy device to reduce thermal radiation losses. Use InSpire HP to enhance absorptivity and efficiency to an already solid foundation of the solar collector.

Back-Up Wall Assembly for solar air heating

The Isoleren Insulated Metal Panel Barrier Back Up Wall System provides an alternate all-in-one barrier wall solution vs a traditional multi-component wall system. This system incorporates a single component insulated metal wall panel that supports a secondary metal rainscreen system to meet a wide variety of architectural needs. The Insulated Metal Barrier Back Up panel is thermally efficient and provides the ideal air, vapor, and water barrier that can help reduce construction time by allowing buildings to be “dried-in” faster. To learn more about the Isoleren Insulated Metal Panel Barrier Back Up Wall System contact your local product representative.

Product Info
Material: .028” aluminum in Selective Finish only & .032” aluminum in PVDF colors only
Panel Coverage: 39⅜”  |  1000 mm (aluminum)
Minimum Panel Length: 6’-0”  |  1828 mm
Maximum Panel Length: 40′-0″  |  1016 mm
Panel Height: 1¼”  |  32 mm
Texture: Smooth with lanced micro perforations
Finish: 70% PVDF, Select Blue, Select Black
Accessories: A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge, and finish or as specified. Also available, perimeter closures to complete the system.
Certification: SRCC OG-100

  *Subject to minimum quantities and extended lead time
Inquire for material and panel coverage availability

Below are graphs demonstrating concepts of solar air heating. These concepts can be modeled to your project specifics to determine your project’s outcomes. 

Airflow Rate vs Temperature Rise
Collector Efficiency vs Wind Speed
Temperature Rise vs Collector Efficiency
air flow rate chart

Below are colors ranked from most to least by efficiency of their solar absorption rate. Other colors are available. Check out our online color chart for a full list of offerings. 

  Color Name Solar Absorptivity
  Black .95
  Matte Black .91
  Classic Bronze .88
  Dark Bronze Anodized .85
  Char Brown .76
  Redwood .76
  Hartford Green .75
  Antique Patina .74
  Chocolate Brown .74
  Thunder Grey .74
  Regal Blue .73
  Boysenberry .72
  Forest Green .72
  Charcoal Grey .71
  Rocky Grey .71
  Teal .70
  Hemlock Green .70
  Slate Blue .69
  Medium Bronze .67
  Siam Blue .66
  Anchor Grey .61
  Slate Grey .60
  Brite Red .59
  Mission Red .59
  Patina Green .54