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InSpire HP

Lencrest Farms | Compton, QC, Canada | InSpire HP

Evolution of solar air heaters performance over the last 30 years: InSpire HP is setting new standards. 

ATAS International has been manufacturing solar air heating metal panels since 2001.

ATAS International manufactures InSpire, the most efficient unglazed solar air heater on the market.  We have now developed a ground-breaking, low-emissivity surface, called InSpire HP.

In 2020-2021, various projects totaling more than 30,000 sq.ft. of panels were installed and closely monitored for performance.

knowledge gain
  • Maximum heating temperature of the InSpire HP is as high as 90°F above ambient.
    • No other competing solar heater known has achieved better than 60°F above ambient.
  • Solar heating output results showed 25% to 30% increase over previously tested solar air heating collectors.
    • Solar yield has shown to be 35% greater as compared to other tested transpired solar collectors.
Inspire HP opens up a new world of opportunities

Because of such high, breakthrough performance, the InSpire HP from ATAS International opens a full range of new possibilities for solar air, such as:

  • Direct heating of open-space buildings
  • Water-preheating in the summer
  • Coupling with heat pumps for heating in the harshest winter conditions
  • Regeneration of desiccant wheel systems
  • And much more
performance & testing
  • Special low-emission surface went through comprehensive, harsh test conditions over 1000’s of hours, showing it will resist to outside conditions for many lifetimes over. This allows ATAS to offer a 30-year warranty on the InSpire HP.
  • Performance tests lead by accredited solar laboratory confirmed thermal to be the highest at all air flow ranges.
  • SRCC (Solar Rating and Certification Corporation) rating was achieved in the summer of 2020.
  • Transpired solar collectors can be an effective tool (solar thermal collector) to curb US emissions of greenhouse gases for heating buildings and processes.
  • ATAS is going to unveil more details when the US’ largest solar air heating wall on one single building is ready in the summer of 2021 (more to follow).