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ATAS has been involved in the manufacturing of transpired solar collector panels since 2002. Technical insights gleaned from early projects resulted in continual refinement of design, ultimately culminating in the release of the InSpire® wall solar air heating system to the sustainable construction industry in 2006. Since then, InSpire® has been installed on a wide variety of building types including schools, warehouses, and office buildings, earning numerous industry awards and professional recognition along the way.

Why use transpired solar air heating technology?

of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from buildings*

of all energy consumption goes to buildings*
of building energy goes to heating outside air nationally. (DEPENDING ON CLIMATE, CAN BE As HIGH AS 80%)*
Heating outside air is often the single most expensive energy budget item in a building and this is what our solar air wall system helps to reduce. Solar air heating is a simple, renewable, and efficient technology using the sun as a source of heat. Transpired solar collector panels installed on building walls can be used for heating building space, outside air, and process hot air. 
*Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

inspire Main Advantages

can exceed 80% solar thermal efficiency*
*Source: Solar Rating & Certification Corporation
can use multiple ATAS INternational panel profiles for design versatility
can be utilized in heating & process drying applications across numerous industries
why consider inspire
  • May reduce annual energy consumption & costs
  • May convert up to 80% of solar energy into warm air
  • Improved indoor atmosphere/quality (increased fluctuations/temperature changes)
  • Minimal or no maintenance
  • Favorable environmental impact
  • Potential for LEED® credits
  • Destratification of indoor atmosphere in open-ceiling structures
  • Reduces incoming drafts by attenuating negative pressure issues
how inspire saves energy
  • Active solar air heating gains
  • InSpire heats fresh air as soon as the sun rises
  • Recaptures wall heat loss
  • Insulating effect on building’s inner wall
  • Utilizes hot, stratified heat pockets trapped at ceilings
  • Shields inner wall from direct sunlight during summer season
  • Subcools air during warm summer nights (free air conditioning)
cost vs savings
  • Favorable investment & tax incentives across the US and abroad
  • Reduces annual energy consumption by 1 to 2 therms per sq. ft. of collector
  • Reduces annual heat costs by $1.50 to $5.50 per sq. ft. of collector, depending on fuel displaced & climate
  • Simple payback of 0 to 8 years, depending on project
  • Positive cash flow opportunity; saves more in fuel than loan repayments
  • Cost effective way to meet code requirements for ventilation

what people are saying

Craig Cigas
Cigas Machine Shop

“We turned a six-figure problem into a three-figure solution!”

Brett Grout
JWO Transit Center
Facilities Director

“The InSpire® wall has proven to be the best money spent for LEED credits on this project.
Its returns beat our other sustainable energy and efficiency technologies hands-down!”

U.S. Department of Energy

“Transpired collectors provide the most reliable, best performing, and lowest cost solar heating for commercial and industrial buildings available on the market today.”

Charles Hendricks; AIA, CSI, CDT, LEED AP
The Gaines Group PLC

“The InSpire® wall offered a perfect solution for introducing preheated make-up air into the facility, allowing for a tremendous reduction in energy usage.”

Natural Resources Canada

It simply works – The simplest, most efficient, and least expensive way to preheat outside air for industrial and commercial applications is through the use of a perforated plate absorber.

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